Important questions Chapter-1 political science class 12

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*Important questions of chapter 1
  1. What was 'cuban missile crises'?explain.
  2. Describe arm control treaties.
  3. What is  New International Economic Order(NIEO)?Explain its feature.
  4. Explain the policy of NAM.
  5. What role did India play in Non-aligned movement.
  6. Mention the four objectives of the Non-aligned movement(NAM).
  7. What do you mean by NATO.
  8.  What do you mean by Cold War.
  9. What is meant by 'Arenas of Cold War' 

.Cold War in the 20th century An Overview
10.What are the consequences cold war?explain in brief.
11.What are the causes of cold war?
                     *  Objective Question 
1.In which year cuban missile crisis took place?
  a.1962             b.1960
  c.1970             d.1961

2.In which year 'Warsaw Pact'came in to existence?
   a.1950            b.1955
   c.1960            d.1958

3.Fidel castro was president of which country?
   a.Egypt           b.USSR
   c.Cuba           d.America

4. Cuba was ally of which country?
    a.france         b.germany
    c.soviet union  c.america
5.In which year NATO came into existence?
   a.1950             b.1956
   c.1951             d.1949
         * Important Pictures
NCERT Class XII Political Science I: Chapter 1 - The Cold War Era ... 
.Study the following cartoons and answer the questions that follow ...


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